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Looking for Bluetooth IEM

  1. tjj92
    Hello! I am looking for a Bluetooth alternative to replace my Shure SE215ltd. I am looking for either a Bluetooth MMCX cable for my Shure or just another Bluetooth earphone (prefer those totally wireless ones like AirPods).

    Budget is 250 dollars and below.

    The biggest issue for me when switching to Bluetooth is I always listen to my music really loud. Like max out on iPhone most of the time. iPhone are usually louder than most Android phones (from experience not sure if true). And most of the Bluetooth mmcx (Westone, Shure, Purdio MX840 and Mee Audio) and Bluetooth earbuds (Samsung IconX 2018 and Jabra 65t) are all too soft to me to enjoy my music.

    Is there any recommendation for me? I am using an iPhone X btw if required to know...

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