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Looking for best item under $200.00

  1. datranz
    I am looking for the best $200.00 iem.
    What are your recommendations?
    Front runner so far are:
    Klipsch x11~($130.00)
    Titan 1 ($130)
    Ortofon eq5 ($150)
    Re600 ($200)
    Addiem ($80)
    Your recommendations ........!
  2. bikerboy94
    Can't say about the others but the Klispch X11s are outstanding. Top notch sound and comfort is hard to beat.
  3. datranz
    Anyone else?
  4. cel4145
    Perhaps the reviews in this list will help: http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-335-iems-compared-sennheiser-momentum-in-ear-added-03-26-15-p-1050
  5. Shawn71

    btw, what's your sound preference?.....that cld narrow down your search better and easy for others to help.
    you can also take a look on the following,but DO read impressions before you buy any....
    1) Dunu DN-1000 (Triple Hybrids)
    2) Vsonic GR07 BE/CE,VSD5 (single dynamic)
    3) T-Peos Altones 200 (Triple Hybrids)
    4) Audio Technica ATH-IM70 (dual)
  6. datranz
    just following up, i now have in my possession are:
    ortofon eq5, dunu 2000k, ma750, and jvc fx850.
    for vocals:                      eq5 >dunu 2k> jvc 850=ma750.
    for trance and up tempo:  jvc>dunu 2k>ma750=eq5.
    for instruments:              dunu=eq5>fx850>ma750.
    for soundstage:              dunu>eq5>fx850>ma750.
    clarity:                           dunu>eq5>fx850>ma750
    most bass:                    fx850(by far)>dunu>ma750>=eq5
    isolation:                       Dunu>ma>eq>fx (fx has rear ports, others may be able to hear you if your music is too loud.)
            Most enjoyable with all type of music:   Dunu (very impressive in detail and clarity is top notch.) Fitting was a problem for me, therefor i don't use it as much. 
            Fx just have too much bass.  It like a hammer on your skull.  although instrument separation is good, but dunu is just better.  However it is so easy to put on, i tend to use it more. 
             Ma is like the little brother to the fx. Because of teh loops, it is the most secure and comfortable.  However it it takes longer and more work to put it on, i dont like it too much.  I can see how the loops would help others.
            eq5 does everything right.  (my favorite). I use this whenever i study because it hit all the right places with soft music. (transparent and so sweet.)

    They all have very nice build quality.
    easiest to use are the eq5 and fx850

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