Looking for an upgrade
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May 26, 2006

this is my first post.

I'm looking for an upgrade but I don't really know what I should upgrade, my headphone or my amp. I'm listening mainly to indie rock (stephen malkmus, blonde redhead, the dears, sonic youth) and some blues and i'm looking for a more detailled sound more airy.

My current rig is musiland MD10 > little dot II++ > ath-a900.

My budget is about 400-500 $
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If you like your audio technica 'phones, you could try for one of the "air" series. That might be enough to fulfill your needs. An ATH-AD900 perhaps?

Plus, that Little dot should power them PLENTY. Otherwise, you could delve into the higher end AKG models. K501, K601, K701, etc.

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Your amp is ok, but the A900 only provide midfi quality level. Get a better fon (K701 or DT880, I tend towards the Beyer in respect of rock)
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Careful going with a k701, it's needs a mother of an amp to run. I'd suggest ungrading the amp to something that matches well to your phones, or vice versa... synergy is really key to awesome sound... not reviews or in vogue products... and synergy can sometimes come cheap, but requires investment of time to research
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Originally Posted by mmwwhats /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Careful going with a k701, it's needs a mother of an amp to run.

A headfi silverback myth I personally can't approve.
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Sounds like a perfect fit for the AD900 (*not* A900 that you already have).

I love the AD700 to death, but there's no bass impact for me... so I'll be selling them. The AD900 is supposed to be better in this regard and all others, like soundstage. I believe it'd be pretty tough to find a better can suited for Indie Rock, Blues, & Jazz.

Only other cans I'd be looking at if I were you is DT880 and Ultrasone 2500. I actually just bought a 2500 B-stock (used) for $225. These provide the bass impact I'm looking for, but I doubt the mids, soundstage, separation of instruments will be as good as the AD900.
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Thanks for all these suggestions

i'll take a serious look at the ad900 and maybe the k701 (I can wait a little bit and buy a new amp). The other heaphones I was thinking was the ad-2000. (A little more than my budget but from what I read they worth the waiting)
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Wouldn't buy the AD2000 without testing them before (or without sendback option), as it apparently is a love-or-hate fon, depending on genre and listening habits.

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