Looking for an In Ear Headphones that performs best with Rock music ($150 or under)
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May 17, 2015
So my Urbeats has recently broke down after using it for little less than a year. I loved the bass  Urbeats provided but hated the vocal quality. Because I needed a new in ear headphone/ earphone to replace my Urbeats, I gave a Sony MDR-EX650AP a shot. When I first listened to music while using this, I was clearly able to to tell the vocals sounded much more clearer, but the bass it provided didn't reach my expectation. I was satisfied with it and decided to stick with them for a while until I listened to high vocal pitched music. It totally ripped my ear drums every time the vocal's pitch got higher. So decided to get a pair of earphones. Because I usually listen to Rock and Pop music I wanted an earphone where it delivers clear vocals and great bass.
Set a limit under $150 and
after several hours of research I came up with 
VSoinc VSD3S
VSonic VSD5
VSonic GR07
Ostry KC06
Beats Tour 2.0
Havi B3 Pro 2
Out of these list I wasn't able to decide which ones I should buy. Which one of these would best perform for Rock&Pop music? 
If you think these are terrible for the genre, please recommend me ones that you think would be a best fit under $150

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