Looking for a TRRS to XLR cable

  1. macdonjh
    I will be going balanced soon and am having a hard time finding a 2.5mm TRRS x XLR cable. Can anyone provide some leads? I don't care if the XLR end is 4-pin or dual 3-pin as my amp will accept either. Ideally, the cable will be 2m long. I did find one cable, but it's only offered in 1m length.
  2. Oscar-HiFi
    Pretty much all custom cable makers will be able to make the cable you need, it is unlikely you will find an off the shelf cable to fit your needs.
  3. macdonjh
    I tried ALO, but their estimate is much more than I want to spend. Any other suggestions about cable makers?
  4. ostewart
    In the USA, impact audio cables, plussound, DHC, BTG, Mimic cables, Periapt ....

    Worldwide you can look at Effect Audio, Forza audioworks, toxic cables....
  5. macdonjh
    ostewart, thank you for the leads. I've contacted several of them. Merry Christmas.

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