Looking for a TOTL UIEM
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PL4Y3R 0N3

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Jun 26, 2016
I personally think it depends more on the manufacturer tuning but generally, between a single dynamic driver vs a single BA driver, the dynamic driver will have a better bass response. However, I have found that in most multiple driver config, usually 4 drivers and above, this is usually not the case and unless tuned otherwise, the BA drivers can stand it's ground against the dynamic driver.
I'll definitely take that into consideration. I'm leaning towards the Vega now though.
I listened to so much stuff it is hard to keep track of most of it. I'm sure I heard them just know that I wanted to hear the Andromeda's so that is what I remembered. I mostly listened to the TOTL iem's as I'm not a big iem person as I use headphones mostly and I work construction so I'm not taking anything that I don't mind getting screwed up.
I can understand that for sure. That is what really has me worried, as I would be extremely depressed if I were to damage $1300 IEMs. Nevertheless, I am fairly certain that I will just skip to TOTL, regardless of cost.

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