looking for a present for my Brother... in the $50 range
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Feb 28, 2008
I was considering the Senheiser PX100, Sennheiser 205, Grado SR 60

can anyone tell me about them?? also why are the Sennheisers so cheap on amazon.com?? are there any problems with fake products?
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I haven't' heard about them so much either.
PX100s are great entry-level 'phones - fitting to many genres of music.
I consider SR60s to be rock specialists - they have less bass than PX100s, and have rather harsher highs, fitting for rock music better than lets say -classical.

It really depends on what type of music he listens to - if rock is his main genre, he'll like SR60 better, while PX100 would be better for different type of music.

And no, there isn't a huge improvement from PX100 to SR60, they just have different sound signatures IMO.

I hope that helped!

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