Looking for a good first "nice" headset...
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Hi there,
I think for the type of music you listen to, and at your price range, you can't do better than the Beyers DT990 Pro. They are not closed, but once on your head, people won't be disturbed. They are absolutely great headphones for the price. I just bought a pair on Amazon (new) for 150 euros.
They have great bass, and honestly I am stunned that for that price, I got such quality headphones. I was expecting much worse. I use them with:
EMU 1212m---> Benchmark DAC-1-->Singlepower MPX3, and they are unforgiving with bad recordings. With anything modern, they sound really great, I would not hesitate to call them high-end headphones, they come close to being rivals with my Grado SR325i and many other headphones I've owned throughout the years. For that price, it's a no-brainer if you ask me.
As far as build quality goes, it is top notch. I've rarely had such sturdy headphones in fact. Comfort-wise, you really can't do better than Beyer pads, in my opinion. They are a little clampy at first, but after a couple hours on your head they start loosening up just enough to be a great fit.
As far as sound quality goes, I find them to be exceptional plugged into the tube amp. Great recordings like Dire Straits albums really come to life, as does most hiphop and techno (Prodigy, Massive Attack, etc) I've listened to so far.
They did a pretty good job with my rock albums as well. I would still lean more towards my Grados for those, but for half the price, the DT990s really did well. As far as Jazz goes, the solo piano recordings sounded really good too. Very detailed and forward, with great soundstage. As far as big band jazz goes, such as Charles Mingus, they did well, but not overly so. They are not as airy as I'd like for big orchestras/bands, and that is probably the only thing I can find to complain about.
Hope that helps.

I love the dt990s, but to say that they don't leak when they're on your head would be a straight up falsehood. These cans leak sound like a boss - they're open after all.
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Yes, but to bother somebody, you really have to be RIGHT next to them. If they're a little away, or in another room, no problem. Grados on the other hand...
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I am leaning towards the Vmoda M100 right now. I think it will be a good fit for what I like. I know it's kind of in a different league, but is it going to sound significantly better than the ATH-M50's?

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