Looking For A Dolby Headphone AMP
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May 9, 2009
Hey Guy´s,

After watching a movie with powerdvd i´m looking for a Dolby Headphone AMP.
I wan to use it for watching movies and playing Xbox etc with my DT 990´s.

I googled a lot, but i don´t find an Amp.

I hope you can help me!

What about the JVC SU-DH1 with an AC Adapter?

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Looks like you are in the market for a digital receiver able do some dolby sound processing. I'm not entirely sure... but you can probably get a receiver that has dolby sound processing that also has headphone out. If you are looking to have some decent headphone amplification then you can just use the receiver as pre-amp out to your headphone amp of choice and still have dolby sound processing.
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The most popular is the astro mixamp. It works pretty good for a portable ss and is one of the better options if you game with its great ingame voice mixing abilities. A high end version for gaming and movies would be the beyerdynamic headzone home. Also comes in a game version, the only difference is the headset. Other options are a home stereo reciever/amp like the Yamaha with its silent cinema.(sorround sound output to the built in headphone jack)
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Originally Posted by Moster /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Which one do you know?
Should cost about 200€.


If you would check the sites you would know the only one in your budget would be the Astro. Search harder next time...
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If you are using a PC, try a Razer Barracuda AC-1 sound card. This is actually a really good sounding card for a PC if you are not stuck on getting ASIO drivers etc.

It has Dolby headphone in it, and several other surround technologies.

You can use their own headphones for gaming, but I use HD650s and AKG 702s with it. On SKype, using the AKG702s can sound eerie, as it sometimes sounds like the person you are talking to is in the room!
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yeah you don't need a "dolby amp" just a "Dolby Headphone processor" in which you put in-line between your source (or tape out on your pre-amp) and your headphone amplifier.

Seems a bit silly to buy a av amp just for Dolby Headphone. Even my Lexicon MC-8 lacks Dolby Headphone, but if a seperate processor box was available that'll allow me to have it without buying a av amp.
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Thanks for your help.
I think that I´ll buy the A40´s.

Does the USB Port of my 360 charges the A40´s?


The Mixamp has only got 1 Dolby HP mode,the JVC got all 3.
And I read,that it´s also pretty good.
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A problem you will run into with just an Amp/Reciever is the line out, will not be Dolby Headphone Processed. Beleive it or not, the Dolby Headphone virtuilazation is really good. The Line out, ultimatley it is just stereo. What I have done, and a few others is make, or buy a headphone to line in cable...

Home Theater Reciever (Dolby Headphone out) ---- Headphone Amp ---- Headphones.

While this sounds like a hassle, it really is nice for gaming.

The Astro Amp is a bit Anemic in my opinion. At least it was for my senns.
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Originally Posted by Edoardo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Didn't Beyerdynamic do something like that?

Yes but with about 2000€ its far too expensive.

i dont really understand
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What's so difficult to understand? Left & Right outputs from a source is stereo. To get Dolby Headphone you need a DSP. Foobar with Dolby Headphone plugin, or a av amp with Dolby Headphone

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