Looking for a audio player for android

  1. Brett Harry
    I want to find out some opinions on choosing a better audio player for an android device. I need to figure out your opinion based on your experience. Highly appreciate your quick reply.
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Check out Poweramp, it's one of the more popular music player apps for Andriod.

  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    If you're using MediaMonkey on your PC, there's MediaMonkey for Android. UPnP and sync is smoother, but of course the UPnP requires that the computer is switched on. Smooth interface, constantly being updated in case some devices have errors (make sure you report any issues though).
  4. fabio-fi
    Neutron music player. It comes with a parametric EQ, Crossfeed and other interesting effects. 
  5. cel4145
    Neutron or Poweramp. Both are good. Install both of their freeware versions and experiment :)
  6. adisib
    I love AIMP3 as a Windows desktop player. They also have an android player that was recently released, though I have no idea how good it is.

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