Look for a cable for Stellia
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Hey All
Now I want to find a cable for my stellia, I prefer to have a warm sound. Any recommendations?

Thank you very much.

Wireworld Eclipse - uses OCC copper and has a warm tone with very good midrange. Unfortunately Wireworld recently discontinued their headphone cables. But I do have a pair for Focal / Stellia if your interested.
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I am more interested in silver cables.

This looks good: https://www.lavricables.com/cables/ultimate-silver-focal-elear-upgrade-cable/

This has even more wires https://www.lavricables.com/cables/master-silver-focal-elear-upgrade-cable/ although I would probably not be able to hear any difference.

Has anyone tried any of those cables?

Does a cable sound any better if it has more wires? I use 4 core silver cable (from toxic cables) with my LCD-2s. Improvement over stock cable is quite noticable.
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