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Lone Star Audio Fest 2018

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  1. barryt
    We went to the LSAF (Lone Star Audio Fest) this last weekend (May4-7) in Dallas. This is ‘non-show’, very loosely organized, no show fees for either participant or spectator. One simply rents a room and shows up. This has been going on for over 7 years, started in Oklahoma City. The two young men who ‘Shepard’ the event are smart, energetic, and just plain nice guys.

    In terms of size I did a rough count at about 100 attendees and 50 or so presenters for 20 or so product lines, mostly small company loud speaker systems. All the action was on Saturday. In generalizing the attendees I would say a strong flavor white or no hair DIY speaker and tube fans, most over 65, and from what I can tell most seem to know each other and this is their annual meet up.

    I was the only one there with either headphones, a turntable with vinyl, or a CD player. Virtually all the other displayers had speakers (lots of horns), and a variety of tube amplifiers. Music sourcing was laptops or servers, lots of wireless gadgets.

    This was the first time I have shown equipment “in public” and we had a lot of fun. Our room was the only one without speakers so a lot of people stopped by because they could talk to someone and see something different.
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  2. snellemin
    I posted pics on the Facebook LSAF page. Your pics of your products are also there. Was a fun event.
  3. barryt
    It was a low pressure pleasant week-end in a nice hotel.

    I was seriously exposed for the first time to the SET community of low power tube amplifiers and high efficiency loudspeakers. I know folks with that hardware approach and this was a heavy dose of it.

    Being a DeskTop and Headphone Audio kind of guy I found myself out of place but attracting a lot of interest. I had a lab prototype of something I call "Space' whose goal is to emulate the sound to two speakers, 8-feet apart and 9-feet back from the listener, but on headphones. It is build with my 'Black Swan' technology, is all analog, and all variables are front panel adjustable. I am learning a lot about it by watching people use it. I also used the prototype of my BackDAC as well as the Black Swan and the Black AMP. To my knowledge I was the only person with vinyl, maybe more next teim

    It was fun. The guys who put it on did a great job, my hat's off to them.

    Only disappointment for us was the we wanted to go to a good Jewish Deli and get a real pastrami sandwich, New York style. Figured we could in Dallas. We thought how fortunate, there is such a delli 2-miles from the hotel. Paid New York prices ($13.00) and got, well, dreck as they would say in yiddish. Lots of nice folks, I gave a talk on equipment relationships on Sunday and had a lot of fun. Look forward to next time, I will bring my Concept Amp to drive some speakers.
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  4. snellemin
    I'm thinking about joining for next year event with my headphone setup. Maybe even my vintage equipment. I'll find out if anyone else would be willing to hit up Dallas for the weekend.

    20180506_123346.jpg 20180506_123351.jpg 20180506_123400.jpg 20180506_123427.jpg 20180506_123430.jpg 20180506_123445.jpg
  5. Tex Irie
    Are there any additional or future events planned for Dallas?
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