Logitech G332 brief review
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Jul 18, 2011
Comfort 10/10

The ear cups are big, they pivot and swivel, the clamping is just right. They are adjustable so they would probably work for just about anyone as far as fit goes. The inner headband cushion is big and plush.

Durability 6/10

In my opinion. Because the cups pivot and swivel, though this could mean more things(pins) could break. It also means there is more flexibility, which hopefully would ease any tension that might cause them to break.

The headband is metal and encased in plastic.

The cord doesn't detach and is quite flimsy.

Sound 4/10

Treble - Piercing. Dominant.

Mids - Recessed. Weak.

Bass - Almost absent. Anemic.

This is where the real problem lies. Also, I checked the reviews after I made the purchase and tried them for myself. The reviews based solely on the sound are misleading and shocking. I was thinking that I must have purchased a defective pair.

For the price, there are other headsets available that sound a lot better. Such as the Plantronics Rigs, and the Astro A10's.

These might work for competitive gaming, maybe, however, nothing else.

I have listened to these on console. Plugging them into a dac, and into the controller. Also, I have listen to them on a pc. I listened to various games, and music.

Mic ?/10


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