Little vs Onkyo Receiver
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Dec 8, 2001
Well, in my bedroom I use an old Onkyo (Oink-yo) receiver.

I don't use the headphone jack much, as it never has impressed me.

I am trying out the Headroom Little Loaner. I made the mistake of comparing it directly to the Onkyo. NOW I remember how mass market stuff sounds. Ugh. The Little is not really an "audiophile" component. It's just a GOOD amp. Now the Onkyo, yech.

Onkyo was, well, "smearing" the sound. Bass was good and tight, highs were there, but the mids were just horrible.

The Little was not detailed like the MG Head OTL, but was very nice and did no damage to the music, like the receiver did.
Yech. I did not expect to want to really keep the Little, since I use the MG HEAD OTL in the living room. But now, I have fallen asleep nicely with headphones on every night since putting in the Little.

My credit card is weeping again.

My old Koss HV/X sounded good! Not like an HD600, but pretty good with the Little. It looks like Beyer almost coplied the HV/X pretty closely.

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