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List of preferred audio software on Mac (Players, converters, tweakers, eq, etc...)

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by devilsrighthand, Jun 4, 2013.
  1. DevilsRightHand
    I just bought a Pico USB Amp/Dac and in the user manual, Headamp lists 2 recommended softwares ie. iTunes and Cog. This is the first I've heard of Cog so I wanted your opinion on this app but also what you Head-Fier Mac users use and prefers for your audio needs.
    Be it audio/media player, equalizers, converters, tweakers or MP3 player library managers.
  2. cgoodwin22
  3. netdog
    How are these better than just using BitPerfect to ensure that iTunes delivers a bit-perfect signal to the DAC? I'm quite skeptical.
  4. Hi Rez
    I use Pure Music - it also has a free trial period.  It also can be used with iTunes.  It offers a noticeable sound improvement over basic iTunes.
  5. Hi Rez
    Not certain they would be better - everything I hear about BitPerfect is that it is quite good.  I have a friend using BitPerfect who is quite happy with it.  
    But a bit-perfect signal to the DAC might not be all that matters.  I use Pure Music which is a noticeable improvement over iTunes in it's basic configuration.  Configuring it to Memory Play / Hog Mode / Integer Mode makes a very noticeable improvement over the basic configuration - still the same bit-perfect signal....  Hmmm.
    Others say different media players sound different.  I haven't tried other players, but personally it wouldn't surprise me if they did.  Maybe one of these days I'll take advantage of a free trial period and find out for myself.

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