Linux users unite!

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  1. hqssui
    Unity is the reason I moved away from Ubuntu. Have used openbox+debian for a while and then moved to Mint KDE. KDE is an awesome environment if you are a fan of keyboard shortcuts. KDE + Emacs turned me into a Keyboard Ninja.
  2. uoods
    i3wm + [Arch, Centos, RHEL] depending on home/work.
  3. davidland
  4. Ech0
    Moved from Arch a couple years ago to Linux Mint. I had ran the same Arch install for years & the install lasted longer than the original hard drive it was running on. That's a large part as to why I like rolling release distros. But, I didn't have the time or maybe desire to continue to maintain Arch. That's why I moved to Mint w/LTS. In the last week or so I got the itch to try some distros and landed on Manjaro w/KDE install. It's perfect for me and my needs right now. Uses pacman which I'm used to using and the devs have done a very nice job offering a stable rolling release distro. The packages aren't updated as frequently as on Arch so this may be a pro or con depending on your needs. For me it's perfect.
  5. Trihexagonal
    I moved from Linux and have been using FreeBSD for the past 12 years or so.

    I have 5 laptops running it and 1 running OpenBSD, with a tutorial a how to set up a FreeBSD desktop from scratch on my site as the vanilla installation only includes the base system and terminal with no X or 3rd party programs.
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  6. hqssui
    Can you please share the link to the tutorial.
  7. Trihexagonal
    Sure, I just didn't want to spam my site:

    It's written with a target audience of someone who has never used UNIX or the commandline in mind and I attempt to explain the procedure from beginning to end so that a person who has only used Windows should be able to set up a fully functional FreeBSD desktop from scratch complete with all the security and system settings.
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  8. hqssui
    This is great. Thanks a mil for the tutorial.
  9. Trihexagonal
    My pleasure. I learned to set it up years ago from a tutorial someone else wrote and it's my way of giving back to the community.

    FreeBSD News has an article that links to the tutorial where I've posted a copy at the FreeBSD forums and more people are likely to see it.
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  10. gohminghui88
    I used to install both windows and linux on my laptop and switch between. I like ubuntu, gnome instead of kde.

    After the latest windows version, i have problem installing both. Not sure dual boot issues have been solved or not.
  11. LukeVivolo
    I switched to arch after my windows install broke, and I discovered that installing arch is easier than installing windows on an NVME ssd.
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