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i'm not saying it never works or crashes all the time, but i've seen big fedora crashes and there are some well known big bugs

check that one out :
Windows sidelined by Fedora bug - ZDNet UK

but if you used redhat free version, most people were really dissapointed with fedora, redhat free was rock solid, stable like rhel, fedora was much different, and frankly really not that great, i had multiple crashes on FC7 using vmware (not exactly a hard platform to support...)

I'm dissapointed at redhat's strategy but then centos came along and well in my opinion fedora has little reason to exist except as to serve as a public community beta of RHEL.

I actually moved away from Fedora now. Some updates wouldn't install and/or make problems and then one day I logged in and from that day on I had to start the internet manually and configure it every single day.
This really got on my nerves and I changed to Ubuntu now. I works great and so far I haven't had any bigger problems. It's even easier to use than Fedora and with compiz fusion it looks great too.
I just hope this doesn't change like it did with Fedora.

This is how my desktop looks now

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glad to see you saw the light, apparently rpm5 is on the way and maybe that will improve fedora/rhel, but apt is so good, they should just use that! Your desktop looks nice, what are you using? I havent really looked at theming gnome i use KDE at home, but use ubuntu studio on my laptop and it looks kinda like yours.

I'll post a picture of my desktop when I get home, i can't even remember what it's like wait here's the one at work : (running RHEL5 on a dell GX745 with two 20" LCD's)
I linked it because it's 1600x2400....
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Wow great wallpaper and nice desktop overall.
For my desktop I use Compiz-Fusion and Avant Window Navigator and I use this theme.
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i like that theme might try it out tonight on my laptop.

I use compiz fusion on my home pc too, but at work we have X1550 graphics cards and I still can't get the 3d to run properly, not that i really want compiz fusion, simply because it's a bit too buggy and i can't really deal with the memory loss, while at home i don't care !

How are you finding ubuntu in general? I'm guessing you're allready loving apt, I fell in love when i discovered apt in gnome i realised i was missing out on so much with suse's RPMs...
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So far I like Ubuntu very much. When installing compiz fusion I thought that I'm going to have a problem with dependencies or something like it happen sometimes in fedora but all the packages were installed perfectly.
The only problem I had so far was that I had no sound from the flash player in firefox. I read many pages in forums on that topic and tried every single solution there was but I couldn't get the flash player to work properly.
Then I just reinstalled FF and installed Flash from the .tar.gz file from Adobe, set everything to ALSA and now it works without any problem.
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funnily enough i have flash issues with my ubuntu install, if I leave firefox open for a day or so with flash videos from youtube, it will go blank and i@ll have to restart firefox for them to work again. A bit of research has led me to believe that the 64bit version of flash (i run 7.10 64bit) has quite a few problems. To be fair I havent tried updating it.

Also I know use swiftweasel, it's a version of firefox compiled with higher quality for different CPU's using the native instruction set - so should at least in theory be faster. It doesnt really show, but i use it at work and at home now.

Swiftweasel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Well at the moment I'm satisfied with FF, and I think quite soon we will have Firefox 3 and I heard that it will be the fastest (or one of the fastest) browser available.
I've tried the beta but then I couldn't get flash to work so I just use the stable version now.

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