Linn Records summer sales - 50+% discount!
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I brought some 24bit FLAC from Linn which are pretty good, plus very well recorded too. I used to get their CDs (like Carol Kidd) but now I think I'd go for FLAC. For latest albums also check out their website. Note the newer titles tends to have higher sampling rate, up to 24bit192khz. You could try out their 30 sec play to get some ideas.

Example of 30sec play:
Linn Records - Elevate

Latest jazz titles:
Linn Records
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Originally Posted by Headdie /img/forum/go_quote.gif
There was a similar promotion last summer. It's probably low season for music sales... Does someone can comment on the jazz and celtic records they produce? Have you bought some them? Tell me 'cause I'm very tempted...

Jazz, no idea;

Celtic: apart from the Complete Songs of Robert Burns series and the two CDs by Iain Bruce, their Celtic offerings tend to be on the easy-listening (as opposed to the traditional) side. Very innovative and immaculately crafted easy-listening though.

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