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Lessons learned while on Head Fi. Please share yours.

  1. Happy Camper
    My biggest and most beneficial lesson has been to accept digital formatting of my music. It's made music management much easier and expanded my tastes.

    That new product does not make your previous purchase obsolete or inadequate. The obsessive nature of sponsor/vendor disciples drives the herd and there are a lot of people wanting to be told how to spend their money so that they can be viewed as elite. It's more of a social status to buy Fad of the Moment product that may or not bring better sound. I initially got caught up in the hype, only to be stuck with a product that can't be given away. I've learned it's worth the effort to experience before spending for long term value. That may mean taking a hit on restocking and shipping fees or attending meets/shows. Another way is purchasing used to pay less for the experience. At least read meet impressions and gather a good network of members that have the same taste in music who have heard or cycled the piece in question. If there aren't a lot of comments pertaining to a piece, chances are it's not made an impression.

    Truly better gear has given me more satisfaction and a broader acceptance of genre. What used to be a wall of sound or lacked the passion now can be better conveyed. Said better gear does not have to be the most expensive. Price does not equate to sound improvement. (see item two)
  2. Happy Camper
  3. wink
    item 2 is very succinct after the edit.
    Nothing to argue with here....
  4. lin0003
    I have learnt not to look at stuff I can't afford on Head-Fi lol[​IMG] 
  5. wink
    You walk around blindfolded?
  6. lin0003
    I meant on Head-Fi...
  7. wink
    Tee Hee
  8. Happy Camper
    If you don't experience better gear, your reference will be less than what's possible. That's not to say you have to aspire to that level of gear but you know what to consider a value that fits your abilities. Many here buy what's comfortable and claim it's the best there is or is close enough. But that doesn't help those wanting advice in spending. An example would be those buying Beats and saying they're the best out there and compete with the TOTL reference cans. That's not so but unless you have heard those TOTL cans, you don['t know how far from them Beats are. So don't shy from at least experiencing gear you can't afford. Many have found gear that's pretty close that fits their budget and don't opine over that last %. I'm there.
  9. lin0003
    My journey ends at the 1plus2 I guess. Good enough for me... for now. 

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