Leonard Cohen - The complete studio albums
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Headphoneus Supremus
May 25, 2008
You know those times when you're feeling a bit down? When only Laughin Len can cheer you up.
But with a consistently high standard, which album to choose? Those classic early ones? or the brilliant mid period of "I'm you're man" and "The Future"? With his voice getting deeper with every decade.
Easy, get all 11 of them in a single box. All his studio albums not including his very latest "Old Ideas".
Apart from removing the need to choose, this box set has 2 big advantages:
  1. It cost me about £24 from Amazon, which is not much more than £2 per CD. The price does seem to vary from time to time - I think it's higher now.
  2. All the albums have been (allegedly) remastered in a good way.
I only had a couple of mid-period originals to compare, but yes, I'd say the new ones sound slightly better, more natural. Not night and day, but nice to have.

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