Lcd4 need EQ?
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Do the LCD4 require EQ and if so how is this done. I’m getting a pair of LCD4 but do I need an equalizer for them? I’m not a newbie to audio but I always considered eq either mid end or studio gear for mastering recordings. I would instinctively play with cables and gear to adjust sound. I noticed that alot of people on the LCD4 thread talk about EQing their LCD4’s.
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Since there are no 'flat' headphones, one could argue that they all need EQ - or you learn to live with the sound signature of each.
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I never EQed mine but many prefer them to be EQed from what I read.

I'm just stubborn about EQing..
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I believe that different cables,signal,power and digital along with different components act as equalizers and all combined scale to the headphones for desired sound. I’ve been listening to my new LCD4’s for a few days now and I wouldn’t change a thing however I am getting a Moon 430HA tomorrow to replace my Auralic Taurus Mk2 but it’s not a necessary move.
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I found the LCD4s need the Roon preset EQ, and it is bang on the money, no need for further adjustment. Without EQ at all the LCD4 has a sucked out mid treble, and an emphasised upper bass region. It is not huge, but at this level it matters. EQ in Roon is very good. But watch adding much boost as you will hit the 0db limits. You can quickly check by turing on clipping warning in Roon. On the Abyss TC I don't find I need any EQ.

Generally you are best tuning your final system with cables, both HP cables and IC cables for tweaking the sound balance. Generally (but not always) you get more warmth with copper and more detail with silver cables. I use silver IC, and silver speaker cables (DIY), and the Final Touch Audio Callisto USB. The Callisto is the only USB cable I have heard that gives you lots of detail AND superb timbre and body at the same time.

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