LCD-X: NFB-11, NFB-28 or Jotunheim w Multibit DAC (or other)

  1. joefig44
    I have a pair of Audeze LCD-X's on the way and am considering amp choices.

    The ones above are what I'm thinking, but not sure which would pair best. My favourite music genres are 90% rock/classic/alt rock and about 10% pop, classical, etc.

    I didn't know if the NFB-28 is overkill from the NFB-11 which I've read great things about. I've heard good things for the LCD-X with the Jotunheim too.

    It should also be noted I'm in Canada, so cross-border duties, etc. usually bite us in the ass, if that's a factor.

    Open to other choices too.
  2. buke9
    To me there is no such thing as overkill. Just slow down and listen that is all that matters. If you like it it is good.
  3. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    The overkill will be felt more in your wallet than the LCD-X.

    If you have to eat instant noodles saving up for an NFB-28, then get the NFB-11. Besides, the way things are going, sensitivity is going up on headphones, and even if the impedance is 16ohms, when the sensitivity is high enough, even the NFB-11 can deliver enough current.

    Otherwise, and if you want some assurance that it can work on practically any headphone that is not an electrostat, get the NFB-28. Just remember that the spending doesn't end there - you need to get a balanced cable for your LCD-X, and any other headphone you want to use on that amp.
  4. joefig44

    Thanks, good advice - just ordered the NFB-11. As my only other headphones are Noble Encores + Fiio Q1, I hope I'm in for a very pleasant surprise.
  5. phthora
    Bah... too late! I would have told you to eat the noodles and get the 28. Now, you'll be stuck with a DAC/amp that is only awesome.

    If you get the itch to upgrade later, the 11 does hold its value pretty well in the classifieds.

    Anyway, you've made a great choice. I'd take the 11 over the Jot too. Enjoy your new gear!

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