Lavricables 20 cores or 12cores?

Lavricables Master Series for Audeze LCD2

  • 20 cores pure silver

    Votes: 5 62.5%
  • 12cores pure silver

    Votes: 3 37.5%

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Oct 14, 2007
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What gauge are the cores? 24awg or heavier is important if you want to get all the benefits of silver plus a decent amount of weight and body. Lesser gauges can sound thin and a bit anodyne. The actual number of cores makes no difference to the sound it’s all about the quantity and quality of metal.
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Note sure of the gauge, all the DIY cables on his site says 28awg so maybe the headphone cable is also 28awg?

I just got the master for my Utopias and it seems like a really nice cable. The Teflon insulation is really cool, slippery and comfortable for listening in bed against my skin. the silver inside gives it a cool shimmery look too.
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Hi, I bought the Empyreans second hand, and I was warned it had less detail than say the Stax L700, others answered: you must hear it with a silver cable please. So before I received the cans with stock cable I ordered the Lavricables Grand Litz. I listened to the stock cable some days before the Grand was in the mail. With the stock cable I used the leather pads as they are called more analytical, but with the silver cable I use the velvet pads, since it doesn’t lack any detail, and why choose analytical when you can have sheer beauty? I was warned the Grand is like an Audeze Lcd-4: too heavy, but that is the photo, it is not too heavy. So I will be still a bit careful with delicate silver. My Stax L700 cable has a lot of silver in it. High end music listening seems not possible without the benefits of silver. Thanks Yoram


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