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Lake People HPA RS 02 / HPA RS 08 thread

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  1. RichardJefan
    Lake People showed their new "HPA RS 02" and "HPA RS 08" headphone amps at the CanJam in Essen Germany last weekend (24/25.9.2016).
    Both models are based on the Violectric V100 but without balanced inputs on the back and Internal DAC / Interface Options. Nevertheless the new models also have some very nice tweaks (active and passive pass through modes). Tragically I didn't had the time to listen to these new models (had a bad cold anyway), but CEO Fried Reim said that the sound of the RS 02 is on par with the Violectric V100 and even slightly above on the RS 08 when using its balanced headphone output (Neutrik 4-pin). Again they used the high grade ALPS RK27 for volume control on both models. I will put the HPA RS 08 under my Christmas tree this year.
    Please check out attached info sheet provided by Lake People at the CanJam (sorry, German language only). Probably Fried Reim will join this conversation later and give us some more in depth information (some real world photos, especially from inside, would be very nice). I guess he said the Lake People HPA RS 02 and HPA RS 08 will be available this October.
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  2. tyom86
    Good news)
    I think: two horizontal stripes are unnecessary: too motley, imho ..but as at DAC RS-06, ADC RS-04 :)
    The balanced output makes sense? if are unbalanced inputs only
  3. RichardJefan
    Personally I'm VERY happy that Lake People offers a cheaper alternative to their Violectric models. The new Lake People Reference line are just features stripped down models of their Violectric counterparts at much less costs. Let's take the Lake People DAC RS 06 for example which costs nearly half of the amazing Violectric DAC V850 - personally I wasn't able to distinguish these two during extensive A/B comparisons.
    If the balanced output of the new HPA RS 08 makes sense if there are unbalanced inputs only, probably depends on the overall internal layout of the amp. But since I'm not a technical guy I better leave this question to those who know more about. Or you wait up until I have bought the unit and checked it with my own ears.
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  4. novicez1
    I have pdf copies of both manuals in english(Thanks Fried!). I was already itching to leak it here that I asked Fried if I can post it now and he said to just wait for the official launch at the website.
    About the RS08 only having unbalanced inputs, I'm actually bummed since the RS06 has unbalanced outs and was hoping for a Lake People Amp having a balanced input. Maybe they have plans to reveal an amp that has balanced input next year? (RS09 anyone?)
  5. RichardJefan
    Just found a report about the CanJam 2016 in Essen Germany which not only features a real picture of the upcoming new Lake People HPA RS-02 and HPA RS-08 but also unveils the suggested retail price in Germany (550,00€ and 800,00€ respectively incl. 19% tax).
    The article also mentions a limited edition of the legendary Lake People Phone AMP G100 for only 400,00€ (incl. 19% tax) - probably the silver device on the lower right at the table shown on the other photo with Fried Reim. Quite a bargain IMHO.
    Here's the link to the artice on the Fairaudio website: Click Here
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  6. novicez1
    Full details on the RS02, RS08 and G100FE are now up at Lake People website.
  7. RichardJefan
    Thanks novicez1 for the update. Too bad that Lake People haven't also put up a photo from the inside of the new models on their webpage. I'm curious.
  8. novicez1
    From reading the manual it seems to be a cut-down V181(no balanced in and DAC module) with upgraded power output. Components should be pretty similar to the V181, of course with a different internal layout.
  9. davidespinosa
    According to this post from Fried, the V181 is built from power op-amps, not from discrete transistors:
    Number of amps x Number of transistors per amp:
    HPA 02:  2 x 4
    HPA 08:  4 x 4
    G109:  2 x 4
    V100:  2 x 4
    V200:  2 x 8
    V220:  2 x 8
    V280:  4 x 8
    V281:  4 x 8
  10. novicez1
    So basically the RS08 is a "double" V100? Wonder how much improvement would that translates when compared to a G100/V100/V181........ or even the V281(I know..... fat chance).
  11. Ultrainferno
    I just published the RS 02 and RS 08 review. The Lake People RS 08 will be Massdropped tomorrow just so you know, for a very good price...
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  12. Ultrainferno
    Are we allowed to post Massdrop links? If yes: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/lake-people-hpa-rs-08
    If no, the mods can of course delete it.
  13. project86 Contributor
    Wow, that's a very good deal on what I'm sure is a killer headphone amp! The original Lake People G109 was my top choice in the ~$600-700 range, so this deal on the balanced RS 08 is very nice.
  14. Kaere
    I'm seach an amp, I thought about Audio GD NFB1Amp?
    What you think ? RS08 ou NFB1?
  15. xx0x0
    Hi, I am interesting in buying RS02 from thomann, but how to switch voltage from 230v to 115v?
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