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Lake People g103-p vs Meier Corda Classic: what's more neutral?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by beyermann, Sep 6, 2018.
  1. beyermann
    I asked and some guy told me Lake People is not that good and not that neutral, and that I must spend $500+ if I want a neutral amp:

    So what should I do? I need a neutral sound for mixing, I don't want warm or too much trebble approach.
  2. kvik
    Are you aware that Corda Classic is even more expensive than G109-P and double the price of G103-P, and it doesn't have balanced inputs?
  3. beyermann
    Yes, im asking if its really more neutral than the Lake People g103p, to see if its worth it goin nuts and buying one, or compared to g103-p you enter into the ridiculous diminish returns territory.
  4. beyermann
    Also what about the O2? how does it compare to the bigger guys? price is temtping.
  5. Xyrium
    I'm confident that any of those amps would be neutral, though I've only owned the Medium gain O2. What headphones are you using? Your alias somewhat indicates an interest in Beyers, and for mixing, I can't think of one better than the 880/600. The output impedance of all three manufacturers being considered is going to be fairly ideal. So, any headphone impedance should work with them, except for perhaps some of the more demanding electrostatics that may require a lot more voltage.
  6. Anaz
    Sorry, I can't help you directly with the amps you mentioned, but as a data point, my Violectric V200 (which I've read is similar to the G109) sounds a little warmer and smoother than my Corda Jazz-ff.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2018
  7. beyermann
    I have the DT770 and I cannot mix with anything but isolating headphones, background noise is too distracting.
  8. beyermann
    Also, I will finally go for the magni 3 and save myself the money and decide in the future if I want to spend more or not.
  9. Xyrium
    I've had the 770s, and if you're willing to seek something more neutral, in a similar price range, I highly suggest the Senn 569s. While they still aren't as lean as the 880s, I believe they are better balanced than both. Don't be afraid to go cheap either, I find the Audio Technica m40x to be quite good for a sealed can in it's price range.

    I realize you were looking for an amp, but it's always a slippery slope when shopping. :wink: Besides, I'd suggest that the headphones will influence your sound more than a properly designed amp, but it's all in the impedance, phase angle, and sensitivity matching.

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