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KZ ZS10 pro vs TFZ T2 Galaxy

  1. Hachiman
    Based on the reviews I found. Both have a similar sound signature, yet the mids on the t2s were slightly recessed and the highs were more forward compared to the arrangement in the zs10s. Though both were said to lack soundstage. Which of the two would you pick/recommend
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  2. Assimilator702
    T2 Galaxy hands down. And they don't sound anything alike. Not even close. The treble on the ZS10 PRO treble is bright with no meat. T2 Galaxy is the opposite. Cymbals are presented realistically while the ZS10 PRO is no where near as detailed. T2 has well extended sub bass while the ZS10 PRO doesn't extend very well and is more midbass focused. The T2 Galaxy midrange is full and doesn't sound recessed too much. ZS10 PRO has thinner sounding mids. The only 4hing ZS10 PRO has is a slightly wider soundstage.

    TFZ T2 Galaxy wins hands down. If it sold for $160 I wouldn't have anything bad to say about it. For $60 it's a winner. For $40 it's a no brainer. I would have no problem replacing 5 maybe 6 of my KZ and CCA iems with the TFZ T2 Galaxy which for some reason doesn't get the love it deserves.
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  3. LaughMoreDaily
    Which iems would you get rid of?
  4. Hachiman
    I found a deal on the tfz t2s for around $40~. In terms of warmth and imaging which would you pick?
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  5. Assimilator702
    For $40 get them. Totally worth it. I would say the T2 are warmer due to the ZS10 PRO having too bright of a top end. The T2 are slightly bright with wide bore tips but calm down with a normal bore. ZS10PRO always has a tizzy top end that doesn't sound focused to me. ZS10PRO is wider than T2 but it's only because of the diffuse treble. Its cheating to get a slightly wider stage but only in the treble.
    I honestly don't expect a budget iem to give a huge soundstage. No one should especially if it sacrifices tonal correctness and timbre.

    I don't want to dog on the ZS10PRO but it's really not as good as I previously thought after hearing better iems that cost less. I suggest getting the T2 Galaxy and a ZSN. The ZSN sounds like a ZS10 PRO with better tuning. Its $23 on Amazon. For $63 you'll have 2 real nice iems.
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  6. LaughMoreDaily
    I heard the zsn pro and zs10 pro on Youtube and despite the flaws of that way of listening to them. I thought the ZS10 Pro was slightly better?

    Oddly enough, it's good to see constructive criticism of an iem.
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  7. LaughMoreDaily
    I just read somewhere on Headfi that the T2 Galaxy is bad for rap/hip-hop.
  8. Assimilator702
    ZS10 PRO, ES4, AS10, CA4 just because it's very similar to the ZSN but I enjoy the ZSN with more of a variety of music genres and the mids are a bit better.
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  9. LaughMoreDaily
    I think the AS10 is their most professional iem yet but I havent found a good cable for it (I need to try harder.) I would keep the AS10 and get rid of the others. :wink:
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  10. Hachiman
    One last thing, how would you describe the lower end of the tfz t2s? Reviews on the t2s are mixed, some say it has a deep bass but it has too much roll off and other reviews say that the bass is crisp and well bodied but it's a bit light compared to the kz zs10 pros.

    Thank you
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  11. Assimilator702
    The CCA A10 and KZ AS12 are.both better than the AS10. The AS10 can't come close to the detail retrieval the A10 is capable of. Its not the easiest sound signature to her b used to and they need 150 hours to break in but they settle down and you find the right tips they're magical. AS12 to me is a vastly improved AS10.

    AS10 for me is good on well recorded albums but for everything else where it's a crapshoot they're a no go for me.

    Hiromi Trio Project Alive does sound pretty good on the AS10. Just not as "THERE" as with the T2 GALAXY.
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2019 at 1:59 PM
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  12. Assimilator702
    Anyone that says the T2 Galaxy is lacking in bass is either using a crappy amp, source files and doesn't have the proper tips for their ears. When I first got the TFZ No. 3 I used the medium sized regular bore tips and wondered where the bass was. I had that bad feeling like I finally found the iem that TFZ failed at tuning. Then I tried the Large tips and the bass appeared and there was plenty of it. That was the first time I needed to use Large tips on any iem. Now it's the first size I try.

    The bass on the T2 Galaxy is better than the No.3 and I can use the wide bore tips which will usually reduce bass slightly and it still hits hard and deep. On certain tracks I've never heard bass so visceral and punishing. But it never bleeds into the mids.

    Here are the tracks I noticed how good the bass is on the T2 Galaxy. Eminem Good Guy normally has impactful deep bass on most sets and I usually use this track to find out if a set can reproduce this and be heard. There's an extremely low section to this bass note that the T2 plays very well. 2 subwoofers in your ears. T2 can make your insides rumble. Charlotte Cardin Big Boy EP is a good collection of tracks to test integration between bass some of it very deep, intimate female vocals, percussion effects. That bell in track #3 should have a weight to it that should sounds penetrating. Lady Gaga Telephone has that buzzy synth that reaches into the upper midbass but underneath theres that kick drum that should be distinct. On the end of the section with Beyonce singing the bridge the bass notes should have more extension that most Trof Hiromithe track. It's not loud Probut iomore on the subtle side.Hiromi Trio Project Alive is an overall excellent demo with is companion Spark. Alive is recorded with an overall bright sound signature with cymbals and Simon Philips drums being very forward. Cymbals have shimmer, tom hits have presence when the stick hits the head. Simon's main snare has a very has a very powerful fundamental presence and is recorded as it sounds live. I own a Tama snare that uses the same shell and the T2 gets it right. Bump the volume just a bit too much and you will get a headache and your eardrums will hurt. As a contrast the AS10 or even ZS10 PRO portrays this snare as very polite with a "pop" characteristic which sounds neutered. These are things I listen for when I'm being critical. Spark on the other hand is mixed a bit darker. The cymbals are a bit further back and the toms don't have the higher frequency attack. Anthony Jackson's bass is the foundation and should be reproduced with weight and authority. Its recorded as you would hear it live and I've seen this band live numerous occasions. The T2 Galaxy accomplishes this without breaking a sweat. This is a very good driver TFZ uses. These 2 albums are the linchpin where I know the T2 best the ZS10 PRO by a significant margin. For general Pop the ZS10 PRO gets the job done well but the T2 brings you further into the recording and portrays it with more realism.

    These are only a few examples and my main love Metal is done right on the T2 better than the ZS10 PRO.....the bass digs deeper, drums are portrayed in a direct lively manner, the midrange doesn't sound recessed. So vocals and thick distorted guitars are done right. And there are no out of phase issues in the treble that I detect on the ZS10 PRO.

    Well that turned into a mini review. Any specific questions ask away. To sum it up...T2 Galaxy YES. ZS10 PRO .....while it's good for pop it doesn't pull me into the recording like the TFZ T2 on most tracks.
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  13. Hachiman
    Thank you so much. This reviewed pretty much answered my questions. Again, thanks.
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  14. Assimilator702
    Whoever made those claims are dead wrong and should check their signal chain for the culprit. If a set has visceral bass with quick articulate midbass and has vocals that are detailed and non recessed with good clear treble that isn’t siblant it will stomp all over rap all day every day and six times on Sunday.
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