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KZ 2 Pin Cable thoughts

  1. Shahram
    Hi All,

    I've been looking for a cable to upgrade the stock Epic cable on my Westone 4r. The shrink tubing to create the ear hooks are just too damn short, so the exposed cable doesn't fully wrap around the ear. This leads to the braided wire to kind of dangle on top of my ear, which is super annoying.

    I stumbled across this cable on amazon and it seems way too cheap, but also low risk to try out. Has anyone bought one and tested it? It seems beefier and has silver coated copper. It does mention silver tin, so probably not the best materials used.


    I got my Westone 4r used from a fellow headfier so I'm not willing to spend 200 bucks on a cable. (which is more than i spent on the iem!). If you have another suggestion $100 and under I'm all ears.

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