Kurosawa just landed
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Sep 6, 2002
On my desk:

The new SE of RAN along with the new edition of Madadayo. This new Wellspring edition of RAN won't be available separately until Q1 2003.

This is a nice looking set and it just plopped down on my desk direct from Amazon (limited edition number 980 of 5,000).


As some of you may know, the Fox Lorber release of the RAN DVD leaves much to be desired in the video department. This one is supposed to be remastered.

In addition to the two films the documentary Kurosawa is included along with some cool swag like the great box, postcards of story board art, a poster, and a poster-screen.

Order a set now, before they are all gone.

[edit] I think it's an amazon.com exclusive.
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"Now if they would just release Dreams on DVD... really, REALLY sick of waiting for that Kurosawa film"

Just order the Region 0 release from HK Flix . That's where I got Stray Dog and Throne of Blood. Not a bad deal if you can get past the sometimes poor subtitle translation (I think they translate from Japanese to Chinese and then to English - or Engrish).

[edit] They don't seem to have Dreams. But, I know there is a Laserdisc out there.
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On a side note:

Anyone want to buy my copy of the Fox Lober edition of RAN (perfect condition)?
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I had the good fortune to see the re-release last year here in LA. What beautiful pictures......

I may buy a copy later when it becomes available solo.
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Here are some comparison screenshots I took to post on a DVD forum:

Old release: Title
New Release: title - new

Old release: drink
New Release: drink - new

Old release: death in battle
New release: death in battle - new

Old release: fire
New release: fire - new

The color has been corrected and detail is improved. The new release is a nice anamorphic transfer that appears to be made from a better source print (maybe they found the interpositive?).

However, there is noticeable Edge Enhancement (witch always bugs me), making the picture look like the sharpness control is set to high.

I haven't watched the new version yet (just took the screens) so I can't comment on sound or subtitle quality.

Anyone want to buy my old release?
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That's the most dramatic difference I've ever seen in two releases. It reminds me of the restored vs. unrestored comparison on the Criterion release of "The Seventh Seal"*.

*a heart-rending story of a young seal named Susan, in a 3-ring circus. Her ball-balancing skills are not in question, but she always seems to get left on the bench when it's showtime.**

**Just joking. I found that seeing this film added a lot to "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey".

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