Koss UR-40 vs Corsair Vengeance 1500 v2
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Nov 22, 2013
     While considering myself a cautious purchaser of anything over about ten dollars I like to explore the options I have available to me. Currently I have a pair of Koss UR-40's hooked up to MSI g45 z87's on board audio (realtek 1150 with i think OPA1652 built in amp(supposed 600Ω). The problem is that I have no microphone, and I am using an ipod's skype capabilities as a substitute. What would seem to be a simple solution is a gaming headset (which seems to be just blasphemous on head fi) Most people would tell me to get a good pair of headphones, which the Koss UR-40's seem to be, and a good separate microphone. However, I have noticed that the vengeance 1500 is an actually good headset according to a lot of reviews that discuss its sound quality in music movies and games, and that the v2 (recently out) is an improvement on those.
     Now, would it be better to spend 100 or so on the vengeance, or use that money to purchase a mic, soundcard, amp, and whatever else I would need? What are the pros and cons of each setup, and what would be good options for each of those. Paying say, 20 dollars more for a vastly superior product (in total mind you, not for each item), is something that seems like a good idea, as well as not spending as much for something not as good. (basically best price to performance in $100 +/- 20)
    TLDR: Best headphone, mic, soundcard, etc combination (includes usb headsets) for around 100 US dollars
              -include pros/cons of each, please    -already own an old pair of Koss UR-40    -looking at Corsair vengeance 1500 v2 

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