Klipsch X10i upgrade (new IEM or mod?)

  1. Ramses82
    Hi everyone!
    I finally subscribed to this forum after "using" it for a few years finding recommendations and idea on headphones and related.
    So, thanks for having me on-board now!

    Between hi-fi components, headphones and things, I still own a Klipsch X10i. They are used every day going to work between train and walking.
    I like the way they sound and since day 1 I have put a small ring of shrinking tube where the wire connects to the monitor, avoiding the famous splitting issue.
    Been using them for a few years now, but the plug is a bit tired. It is time to upgrade.

    I thought a lot about what to do. I even thought to re-shell them (about £199), but I am not sure it is actually possible with the X10? Most CIEM providers don't list such drivers on their list of things they can re-shell...

    So, I came up to 3 main options:

    1) remove the entire wire, open up the rubber on each driver (where the cable is), and try to fit a "ultimate ears PRO >2010" socket female, modelling it to the driver with epoxy paste. The reason of the UE PRO is because all their cables are angled, which would fit on the X10 (being straight). The issue with this option is that it could be disaster... anyone tried before? Or someone good enough that does it?

    2) remove the cable only up to the microphone. Using the original wiring on the IEM, replacing it from where the microphone was all the way to the 3.5mm jack. Will be sad to cut an original IEM cable to do that. The cable is about £45 (UE pro cable)

    3) change IEM... I have seen the Fiio F9 pro. Would these be better than the X10 though? Otherwise stretching the budget there are the Westone W30. Would these be better than the X10?

    I would like to recover my X10, I really like them, but if it makes sense to upgrade because the options listed on 3) are MUCH better then it is no brainer, if they aren't I would like to save mine.
    I actually have seen a japanese website reshelling the X10, but it is as above: if the options 3) are much better, then it doesn't make sense (assuming I find someone doing the job).

    To complete the informations for the thread, I listen to rock music, acoustic, even classical sometimes. I do like details (a lot), but I don't mind a bit of punch and dynamics in the sound.

    Well, let see a few suggestions then :)

  2. Ramses82
    nothing? :)

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