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Current: Wooting 60HE (Tofu Redux Case) and Finalmouse Starlight "Last Legend" (Medium)

When not playing games I swap between any of these. Each has different switches, etc. I have already had Carpel Tunnel (left), Median Nerve (left), Ulnar Nerve (left) surgeries and my C5/C6 fused, so I swap around things sometimes to help.
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It seems that I enjoy Thocky, creamy keyboards as much as headphones...:sweat_smile:

Are there any forums for keyboards like Head-Fi?

geekhack has a similar feel/vibe to head-fi and is still active. I think DROP owns the site now though. Would also check out zFrontier and maybe keebtalk. Would recommend Deskthority too since they have a large userbase in Europe but I heard issues with site owners being MIA. At least the wiki is still up.
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If I hadn't seen this post, I wouldn't have even known ceramic could make keycaps
and when I saw the price, it was another surprise
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'Wait what'

But to be honest I'm wondering, since this is a metal keycap, won't it get quite greasy after extended use?

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