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KEF LSX wireless all-in-one stereo bookshelf/desktop speakers

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by techtonic, Dec 1, 2018.
  1. techtonic
    My KEF LS50W desktop speakers are pretty overpowering when only a couple of feet away so I'm thinking of getting the LSX and moving the LS50W as living room speakers and giving it room to breath. Also, the LS50W is huge for a desktop. And I've had problems using long Ethernet cables (intermittent popping) so the wireless LSX would be ideal.

    What are people's experiences with the LSX? How noticable of a sound quality drop is the wireless connection? Darko.audio says it's minor.

    When do I need to connect the Master and Slave speakers together with the inter-speaker cable?
    • Wireless mode: 48kHz/24bit
    • Cable mode: 96kHz/24bit

    Maximum distances between the Master and Slave speaker:
    • Wireless mode: Up to 5 meters, although interference from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can reduce this distance
    • Cable mode: Up to 8 meters using a shielded Cat-6 Ethernet cable

  2. Wpssant
    HI techtonic - did you get the speakers in the end?

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