Kansas City Meet Impressions

  1. Drumline1997
    Hey everyone, our Kansas City meet was unfortunately not a big success. We sadly only had three of the people come who said they could possibly attend, even those who did attend had a great time I believe. I know I will try again next year, and hopefully grow the meet to a larger audience. Thank you again to JDS Labs for sending loaners and a team member to come down and meet with out little group. Thank you to Audio Technica as well for sending in a box of loaner gear as well, all was very much enjoyed. I will post the picture I have if anyone wants to look at them and some of my more thorough impressions of products will be up later tonight.

  2. Lazarus Short
    I was one of those few attendees, and am grateful to the library (our venue) for providing us with a nice large room to set up in. The JDS gear, some of it FREE to take home was well made, and I was especially impressed by the headphone amp. However, I was hugely impressed by a pair of Sony noise-reducing headphones which another attendee brought - they were not only comfortable, but they were the first Sony's I could stand to listen to for more than a few seconds.
  3. WholeMilk
    I'm also in the KC area, new to the hi-fi world and interested in your next meetup.

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