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K702 Portable Amp/dac

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by onylink, Nov 27, 2011.
  1. OnyLink
    I know that the K702's are VERY power hungry. What portable amp/dac would go well with the headphones. I have a budget of about 250$. I thought about the e7/e9 combo but am not really sure if that would really do the headphones justice. Is there a better route to go with a 250$ budget?
    Note: I am listening to these off of my desktop mostly off of my desktop which is why I need the DAC
    Thanks in advance
  2. DomieMic65
    The most obvious is the Matrix m-stage for the amp... I would check the FiiO E10 for dac. It is an amp also but I think as you said  the 702 need more power. It can play 24/96 too. The E7 can't!
    Oups now I saw you want something portable... From the other hand the E7/9 combo you mention isn't portable.. Only the E7 is which seems to be a week for the 702's.
    The E10 is considered portable if you want to use it with a laptop not with an mp3 player though
  3. OnyLink
    After reading a bit more i dont think I really care about it becoming portable. Ive looked into the Maverick Audio Tube Magic D1. I mainly plan to listen to it on my computer so being portable won't really matter. Apparently the Maverick Audio Tube Magic D1 gives it lots of power which the headphones need and the dac as well. Plus, I don't think I want to use tube's with the 702. Which the Maverick gives me the option of doing either one. I'll check out the Matrix m-stage and see what people think about it with the 702. However, would the amp sound good enough? Or should I also look into another amp?

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