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JVC S500 Round Deux

  1. Magicman74
    Ok, Figured it was a matter of time that got shut down..   BUT!!!
    Call me sold....    I was wrong!!  And I'm man enough to admit it..   I've been using these since this morning and I must say I jumped the gun..   These really do sound Fantastic!!!
    Rush- Farewell To Kings!!!    Goosebumps!!!   Amazing!!!!
  2. koreanzombie
    +1 I like s500. Oh and I TOLD YOU SO!
  3. waynes world
    Good to hear! I think I'll throw on some Rush on the 'ol S500's now that you mention them (I really like their latest Clockwork Orange album. For example, "The Garden" sounds great).
    Zombie, it's kind of a drag that you managed to get the S500 thread locked. Not impressed.
  4. Magicman74

    A great album flawed by bad mastering.  You should find the Needle Drop that was floating around.  It only has a DR11, but it's much cleaner sounding...  A great cd for a 40 yr old band.. " The Garden" fantastic song!!!
    Just switch over to the !st Canadian Anthem Pressing of Signals...   Those dang Guys up north never sell used cds...   I need a Anthem 2112....LOL    My Japan 25p still rocks tho..

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