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JVC HA-FX67 ... will removing filter improve sound?

  1. Hanafuda
    I bought a set of these HA-FX67 "Air Cushion" IEM's cuz I wanted something less precious and more comfortable than the Super.fi 5 Pro's I used to have. And, as far as comfort goes the JVC's are a homerun. But the sound barely lives up to the $25 (shipped) I paid for them. Bass is too muddy and way too prominent. Sounds like listening to music through a thick blanket. And I notice there is a paper (?) filter with two tiny holes in the tube of each earpiece, which means that's more or less what it is happening.
    I'm wondering if removing the paper filters will improve things? Thought I'd ask here before plucking 'em out of there. And if I do, and the result is too harsh, what's a better replacement? I know there's a mod like this for the Marshmallows, but all I ever see is people mentioning it .. no description in detail.
  2. Hanafuda
    Well, I realized a bit after posting that question that the best answer I was likely to get was, "maybe." So I went ahead and tried it. I removed the little paper disk filters from each side, and instead of stuffing foam into the tube (Kramer mod ... I found it with some searching) I made a thin sheet of foam a little bigger in diameter than the top of a pencil eraser - big enough to cover the hole and have overlap all around the edges - and its held in place by sliding the silicone tip into place over it. The foam is about as thick as the little sleeves you get sometimes on cheap earbuds.
    And WOW. And I mean WOW!! These little cheapies sound amazing now. The sound signature is reminiscent of the ATH ES7 - mids a little more accentuated than they ought to be, but not objectionably so and hey that makes it sound fun. And while the bass isn't tight (not at all), it isn't muddy anymore either. WTH are they thinking at JVC muffling out all these good waves with those paper filters?  
  3. tuneslayer
    Hmmm I think once I get my pair in ill do the same...
    is it that much of an improvement?
  4. dbdynsty25
    First thing I did was swap out the stock tips with some sony hybrids and noticed a significant difference in sound quality.  I'd try that before you go and rip out filters.
  5. tuneslayer
    Is this what you are referring to? Sony EP-EX10A.
    As replacement tips.
  6. dbdynsty25
    Yup, those are them.  You can get them at Best Buy if you've got one close.
  7. tuneslayer
    Damn I wish i knew what my ear size was as far as identifying size of cushion, such a waste with the various other sizes I probably wouldnt utilize (being to big or to small of a fit)...
    DO you think it would be pointless if I rehoused this set of headphones in some type of wood/ported it out? just curious do you think it would transform the sound? Its a cheap pair so I wouldnt mind tinkering...
    what are your guys thoughts?

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