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Just found us a new company for remolding! Cheap, US based, and FAST!

  1. AndroidVageta
    Company: Perfect Seal
    Location: Wichita, Kansas
    User to PM about service: Mike M
    Sent in recently purchased JH16 Pro FP to be remolded into a universal shell with drop-down cable. Sent them to him on the 2nd...got them today. 8 days. Cost? $100.
    Some of the best service also...I swear our PM is about 100 messages long and he'd respond back within an hour...if not sooner. Great guy, great service, great speed, great price. 
    Highly recommended!
    Just thought I'd spread the word and help those that need it and give Mike a little more business!
  2. AndroidVageta
    Bump for recognition! 
  3. shotgunshane Contributor
    Good to know they do reshells. I'm considering the Fusion 11 myself, perhaps after the first of the year. I wish their website or facebook had a better and more comprehensive picture gallery and better visuals on color/art type options.
  4. AndroidVageta
    Nother' bump!
  5. AndroidVageta

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