Just bought my first seroius RIG!!!!
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New Head-Fier
Feb 18, 2007
Hello Head-Fi'ers!!!

I've been lurking around this forum for about a year trying to just soak up all the information.

My choices came down to the headroom desktop balanced package or the Ultrasone Edition 9.

I choose the desktop balanced package with the hd650 cardas cable upgrade because if I got the Edition 9's I would be ampless. I've never had a good rig or any rig for that matter. I just wanted super clear and clean sound and didn't want to work my way up for quality. I decided to just go big right out of the box... well let's just say middle ground because if I really went big...I would've gotten the max balanced..lol

Out of the box, I listened to the single ended hd650 for about 15 min before switching to the cardas balanced cables.

Awesome Awesome product by HeadRoom.

I might not be able to distinguish the extreme subtle nuances of this rig, but I can tell you I'm extremely pleased. The sound is super clear without headache booming bass. And I don't really hear any of the so-called veil people are talking about........

then again I have been using the hd 570 (yea i know old school) for what seems like 10 years.


more updates on this rig a bit later...when I get some more playtime.

happy listening!!!
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I'm extremely impressed, you seem to have soaked up the information very well. You chose an amazing system, you shouldn't have a veil with that kind of proper amplification and recabling. I'd say you made the right choice (and I'm jealous). However...

I do have to say I am sorry for your wallet.

The good news is that you have the rare opportunity to be satisfied for a while to come I'd think.
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When you balance the HD 650 or 580 and 600 for that matter, and drive them with a great amp as you have, the veil is pretty much non existent, and the headphones have a more forward presentation.
I think you've made a nice choice, and wish you lots of happiness with your new rig. That doesn't mean you should steer clear of Head-Fi now though.
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Good setup, that's how I popped my headphone cherry! I'm now using stuff in a higher price bracket, but you can't beat the Headroom sound at that price.
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i just got my 600 and cardas cable yesterday, it's currently blowing my mind...
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Originally Posted by intoflatlines /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Nice purchase. I am jealous.

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Nice choice. I've been listening to the HD600 balanced a lot lately, and they are IMHO a very different animal than their single-ended brothers.

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You should be proud, that should be a very nice home setup. HeadRoom's a great company to buy from and the Desktop is a fine amp to push the HD650. Sit back and enjoy the bliss, you don't need to upgrade...ever.

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