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Just an Irish guy asking for advice

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sadpanda1990, Jan 25, 2012.
  1. sadpanda1990
    Hello all. New here and need to ask for a little bit of advice.
    I'm currently looking for a good pair of proper headphones. Using Sennheisers for years has spoilt me and now I can't just get any cheap old pair.
    Currently, the models I'm looking at are the HD202, HD419, PX360 and the HD558 if the price is worth it. This selection is not due to me being a fan boy but the fact that the shop I'll be getting the set from has a very limited selection and the only other proper 'phones are Skullcandy and Beats.
    Does anyone here have experience with those sets in particular?
    The use will be day to day use for enjoying wide genres of music (anything from jazz to dubstep and even J-pop sometimes) while connected to an mp3 player or laptop.
    While I do travel quite a bit by bike, I don't mind having a pair of heavy headphones on while going far.
    Quality outranks weight or portability to me.
  2. Gwarmi
     Don't buy the HD202 it's a wretched cheapy headphone, HD419 is neither here or there, PCX360
     I have not heard ~ HD598 would be the cream of the crop though, it's the entry level into
     Sennheiser's top tier ~ only the HD600/HD650 and flagship HD800 are better.
  3. dorino
    Beats are proper headphones? Arguably.

    Skullcandy? [​IMG]
  4. Cruzah
    Well get You some Beats...And do The Damn Thang!
    HAHAHAHAHA...Really though some nice comfortable Audio-Technica's would be Cool.

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50 is always a great Choice!

  5. wrathzombie
    HD 558 is awesome. Better than the others on your list
  6. sadpanda1990
    I do wish I had a greater selection but unfortunately this is the only variety I have unless I want to regret paying for Skullcandys or Beats.
    It's good to know that the HD202 is a piece of **** but does the adapter for the HD598 protrude too much to have in a pocket? I am happy to get the 6.3mm connection to use it with my amp but I just wonder whether it will be too big to have in a pocket, along with the fairly long cord. I also have to ask if Sennheiser's shoddy cables get more durable the more you spend on it.
  7. wrathzombie
    I dont think anything except PX360 would be portable. Best thing to do is to get one headphone and an IEM for portable use.
    You should try buying online.
  8. ssrock64
    Do you know that the HD5xx series is open, meaning that everything you hear will be heard by the people around you, too? If you don't want that, the PC360 has the best sound out of the remaining bunch.
  9. jc222284
    HAHA love the title LOL and 558 would be your best choice out of all the headphones in the poll.

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