JH Siren question

  1. Evilcalyptic
    So i purchased a cable for a different iem but would like to use it with my JH angie. I found some 2 pin to jh 4 pin adapters. The issue is I dont know what will happen since the aftermarket cable doesnt have a bassport.

    I remember reading that it maxes out the bass. Is this true?

    Edit: just realized this is the wrong thread for questions. My bad
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  2. goodvibes
    I forgot where I saw these new but...
  3. Evilcalyptic
  4. Evilcalyptic
    I found it here. Doesn't say where i can buy one... damn
  5. goodvibes
    I saw these or one like it at a cable maker's site but I have no idea which one.

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