JDS Labs Presents the OL DAC - USB Edition

  1. theotherjude
    With the growing success of OL DAC, JDS Labs presents OL DAC - USB Edition



    As we doubled the size of our most recent OL DAC production run, we acknowledged that only some of you add TOSLINK cables to your cart. Most only want USB input and never touch the optical jack. So, we removed the unnecessary S/PDIF controller and I2S routing circuitry to create the new $99 USB Edition.​


    The new OL DAC - USB Edition offers driverless USB audio and remains 100% AC powered, like the original OL DAC, now aptly titled Optical + USB Edition. All performance meets or exceeds that of the original OL DAC. We’re pleasantly surprised to report that removal of the I2S MUX bumps USB Jitter components @11025Hz from an already great -116dB to -120dB!​


    The USB Edition is available now via dropdown selection on the OL DAC product page.
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    This is pretty awesome! You guys always do an excellent job of tailoring products for your customers, offering a number of cost effective options depending on what people need/want!
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  3. canthearyou
    @theotherjude I was doing some moving around of components in my entertainment center. After getting it all set-up I decided to listen to some music. I fired up the micro PC and Deezer and started playing some tunes. It worked as it should, but I noticed something strange. The OL DAC USB Edition wasn't plugged into AC. The light wasn't on yet the music still played. Is it optional AC powered?
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  4. theotherjude
    That is wild. We played around in the office and weren't able to replicate the situation. I had a similar occurrence a while back, but mine was just because I didn't realize the audio was not in fact coming from the OL DAC. :smile:
  5. canthearyou
    Let me make sure it's not outputting audio through HDMI over ARC. I probably should've checked that before posting.

    Edit: I did have the HDMI ARC the Audio to the receiver. It actually didn't sound bad at all. I'll have to do some listening to see if I even need the OL DAC.
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