JBL Synchros S500 Cable Problem...
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Sep 13, 2009
What's up. I have a pair of hand-me-down S500's, they were working totally fine, but then out of nowhere, one side stopped working. It has to do with the cable itself. I was using the cable that has the microphone on it, and the cable looks totally fine. I'm not sure about the previous owner, but I haven't yanked it at all, and when I was using it, I was using it on my PS4 pad so definitely no yanking there, but that's where it stopped working out of nowhere.
The messed up part is that it's messed up right at the base of the jack, and I really don't think it would be a good idea to work on it from that low. Another reason I don't want to take it apart is because I tried finding the original cable, but I had no luck.
ANOTHER strange thing is that I have a pair of Turtle Beach PX4 gaming headphones which actually come with a very similar cable, but it does NOT work with the S500 for some odd reason even though it has the same exact connection, microphone 3 rings and all!
Can someone help me/give advice/send a link how to fix the base of the jack? If you need pictures for references, please let me know. Thanks.
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Hi Helgen, i kust got the same problem. Loss of the sound on one channel and no damage to the cable.
Have you solved the problem or found a new cable ? Your response will be appreciated.
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It took almost a year for my daughter to break her S500 and they show the same symptoms as you described where one side drops due to bad connection at the headphone jack on the earphones.
Here is how I solved it::
1. remove the soft ear-pad on the left side.
2. remove 4 short small screws (please note size as there are a few more...).
3. remove earpiece and watch the cable.
4..remove 2 + 2 small screws inside the plastic cover (note, slightly longer then the first 4 screws)
5. pry the top plastic cover open by pressing the 4 tabs. Use a box-cutter or a small blade to press from the side, Careful, the tabs they break easily.
6. remove 3 screws that hold the circuit-board (again, note size of screws as they are different from the others).
7. lift out circuit-board and de-solder jack and replace.
The part to order is a bit tricky to find but here is a Swedish link (now corrected again as it is a 2.5mm jack!):
After testing it's just to assemble in the reverse order!
Enjoy this simple instruction and hope your repair is a successful one!
Joakim B.

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