JBL Control 1 Pro Vs. Klipsch RB-10 for 2.0 TV set-up in small room
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Apr 11, 2007
I really get into headphones, but am a n00b when it comes to speakers... perhaps someone here can give me some kind advice?

I am looking for a simple stereo 2.0 bookshelf speaker set up for my television/entertainment system.

The room the speakers will be in is 11 deep x 15 wide.
I only want a 2.0 system as a subwoofer will be too much noise for my small condo.

I was considering 2 of the smallest bookshelf speakers I can find:

- JBL Control 1 Pro
JBL :: Product

- Klipsch RB-10 Bookshelf Speaker
RB-10 Bookshelf Speaker - RB-10 --- Bookshelf Loudspeaker, Klipsch Reference Series - Specifications

I have researched these 2 speakers a lot as they meet pretty much all of my space requirements, but in terms of quality has anyone ever been able to compare these 2 speakers back-to-back?

Anyone have experience with either of these models and how they compare and contrast?

Would either one of these sound better than the other without a sub-woofer?

Know of a better competitor at this size and price point?

Any other thoughts are welcome on what I am trying to do with my set-up as well.

Thanks for any opinions!
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Jun 29, 2009
With speakers that size and no sub, your system will be severely lacking in the bass department. I'm sure the klipsch are good, but I always thought the RB-10s were too expensive for their size. Look into the Energy CB-20 maybe, they are pretty small(12.2h x 7.6w x9.1d) despite the fact that they have 6.5" woofers. They also happen to be cheaper. They should at least give you some half decent bass on their own.

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