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Itunes Equalizer

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by nimbleturtle, Aug 8, 2012.
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  1. t-moth
    My MacMini has 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and 16 GB of RAM. I run it with OSX Snow Leopard.
  2. BillsonChang007
    No wonder~ mine is 32-but, 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, i5... Window 7Yeah~

    Have a Mac and I know it is faster if I save all my musics there but my brother uses it all the time and I need to sync music a lot... Haha XD

    Wow! What's up with the 20GB RAM? Curious enough 0.0

    Billson XD
  3. xnor
    foobar2000 works just fine on an old AMD Athlon machine with 1 gig of RAM and over 5000 songs...
  4. BillsonChang007
    But unfortunately, I need iTunes to sync music to my iDevices and not using it for computer listening as I don't have any soundcard/ hybrid dac and amp yet... the only few time I listen music with my PC is when I'm doing my school work and not feeling like "cables"... But still, the speaker sound "decent" for my needs... haha
  5. jaddie
    Sluggish response in iTunes often relates to HDD condition, capacity, how full it is, fragmentation, etc.  It's pretty well known that as you fill your HDD past 50% the performance gets progressively worse.  At 90% it's pretty much useless.  However, HDDs are cheap, you could get a "media drive", and use it only for your music, move your library, and clear some space on the main HDD, then defrag.  Your media drive could be internal or external. If external, and your PC has USB3, go for a drive that does that too.  Even if you had an older drive laying around that you could reformat and use, that might be an improvement. 
    Another performance hit sometimes comes from a disorganized iTune library.  Sometimes media and data gets spread around the computer in different locations.   If the library has some years and version updates on it, you may want to recreate it on your new HDD using "consolidate".  You can do this through iTunes, and build a new copy of the library in one location.  The instructions on this don't belong in this thread, you can find articles via google. 
    RAM is now pretty cheap too.  I just bumped my laptop's 4 gig to 16gig. It's like a completely new computer now, the performance bump was shocking.  But iTunes always ran fine before, so I'd probably do the HDD upgrade and library move first, memory last. 
    Slow syncs are related to how much iTunes has to sync and the sync method.  If it's a direct connection, that's the fastest, and we're all using USB2 now, right?  You can actually sync an i-device using USB1, but it will take all day.  AirSync is convenient but also slower if your device uses that.  If you have an iDevice with photo capability, syncing photos will slow you way down.  Photos resync all the time, so the fewer you sync the faster.  Just import all you have to the PC, organize the ones you really need on the device into a folder, clear all photos off your device then resync only the photos your really need to have.  Once you've rebuilt your library you may also see a sync improvement.  
  6. xnor
    Hmm still seems to be itunes related. On my old PC the HDD is about 92% full and foobar2000 starts almost instantly, and benchmarks show no big performance hit.
  7. TMRaven
    Just because I already had 8gb and found it lacking for photoshop at times.  Found a sweet deal on a pack of two 8gb sticks for only 50 dollars so I couldn't refuse.
  8. jaddie
    Probably not specifically iTunes, it's my guess it's not the only thing running sluggishly on that system.  I've run it for years, and still do, on a really tiny and slow unit in my work shop.  Runs fast and fine.  I'm thinking there are other issues burning up CPU resources in his case. Probably should check for processes running that shouldn't be.
    As to %capacity, it's true that the more of the drive is used the slower the performance can be, but it's a question mostly of fragmentation, and as drives reach 90% it's pretty hard to defrag large files.  There's just not enough scratch space to work with.  However, with fubar and iTunes and audio files, it's really not that big a deal because audio files are now considered tiny in the world of 1tb+ drives.  Uncompressed high bit rate files might be much more of an issue.
    Where we run into issues is a full drive that has both media and the OS with it's page files etc.  Just having an OS on the drive for a while fragments it significantly, and saving and deleting files does that even more.  Nothing like a half full, defrag'ed drive to make things quick, but you might not see the effect with tiny audio files.  Uncompressed HD Video, now we're talking!
  9. BillsonChang007

    Can it be because of the game, League Of Legend playing around and slowing down my PC performance? Mine is a all-in-one PC, thus no CPU = no RAM upgrade for me... I thought of upgrading the soundcard but yeah... Nothing much I can add on inside ~ not even my local computer specialist...

    Probably I will just get a hard-drive... Will try to hunt for a SSD XD I totally agree with your statement about the HDD thingy...

    Well, at least these Dell PC last longer than my HP computer last time! Been using these big monster for around 3 years and still going strong other than iTunes~ while the HP really kind of bad! It lasted me for less than 2 years and problems start giving off. That kind of to me "my last HP computer" but the printers are awesome XD

    Billson :D
  10. jaddie
    Easy enough to find out, just make sure nothing is running but iTunes and see if it's more responsive.  Lack of enough RAM will mean the use of the HDD as "virtual memory", which really bogs things down. 
    Don't bother with the SSD, it would be cheaper to replace the entire machine.  SSDs are impressive in performance, unimpressive in cost per gigabyte. We all have far too much media to make them practical as media storage devices.  Nice if you can use one for OS only, but that is a real pain sometimes.  I'd just get a huge HDD and get your life out of the machine until you're ready to replace it.
  11. BillsonChang007

    Thanks! Let me think about it~ pocket crying and trying not to move anything for my saved up $ for a new set-up xD
  12. nilesh981
    I dislike the EQ of iTunes as it really distorts the sound of music and ruins the entire experience.
    Comparing it with VOX's EQ, they are leaps and bounds better than EQ of iTunes.
  13. NatetheGreat
    The best discovery I made was installing the plugin SRS iwow, it just makes my headphones substantially better. The bass and clarity is unbelievable as long as you tune it correctly. Definitely worth the money. 
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