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Jul 1, 2004
I know there are tons of threads on the K 701, but I'm writing this as a message to those who may have auditioned them but perhaps did not spend that much real quality time with them. Burn-in, a consistently debated subject is in this case my friends, just flat-out true. These things have just about transformed over the past 250+ hours. Bass is the most obvious improvement. It is fuller, deeper, with better extension in the lower frequenices, tighter (that was never really an issue anyway) and just more dynamic overall. I did feel when I first got them a sense of disappointment in this area, and that's why I felt compelled to start this thread. Just give them time! Treble energy, detail and smoothness in the higher frequencies accompanied by more volume are fantastic. Whatever graininess they did have is absent now. Mids are insane, (AKG is known for this) and female vocals in specific,which I know the K1000's and DT 880's are known to excel at, are very lifelike and textured. They are not perfect of course, although they are extremely comfortable, I am having difficulty with them staying "set" on my head as others have commented on. Other than that minor quibble I must say that coming from Grados (which are still excellent) the newfound instrument separation, super-accurate imaging and wide soundstage are still very cool and haven't gotten old. Give them a try folks who are still holding out, as they are quite, quite good.

Happy Listening.

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