iso acoustics is it all woo?

  1. Rozeqloud
    I have an H360 feeding Dynaudio Focus 340s

    I ve already upgraded my cables as far as I can afford , gutwire congruence

    Im wondering if it be worth my while to invest in the iso acoustics gaia III

    I originally chose the cable route over the iso acoustics , and love these cables

    The very immediate thought i have is woo , as im a life long skeptic

    The part where it says you need the iso acoustics name/label facing the front of speakers really struck me as odd and maybe woo

    But i ve read some surprising reviews , and the physics makes sense

    But do the ears really notice

    I know someone who had them on his Dynaudio C2 and he swore before he had the isos that they did nt sound like 20k speakers , and now they may sound better than that even

    I ve heard they come with a no questions asked money back satisfaction guaranteed within 90 days i think . Is that true?


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