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Is this the greatest song ever made?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Denon2010, May 21, 2018.
  1. Denon2010
    I think so, can't believe I am now only learning about this.

    This guy is overflowing with talent the way he spits out this song is quite something

    Last edited: May 21, 2018
  2. waveSounds
    Am I the only one who entered this thread with intrigue at the promise of something special, saw the video still, and thought lol?
  3. fianbarr
    My first thought upon seeing the subject was: "no, this is just a tribute"
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  4. xantus
    an autotuned dude with lyrics about p-ussy.

    my how the bar has lowered...

    or is this satire?
  5. DRuM
    This is the greatest song ever made.

  6. xantus
    ^^ LOL! now this I can get behind...

  7. DRuM
    Lol, like Kate Bush's mad sister. :D
    I watched Amanaemonesia twice, quite infectious!
  8. xantus
    oh my god I actually went and read the comments on the Popcaan videos and now I know why the world is falling apart.

    "When u listen popcaan and yuh check out other artiste song on the same riddim, you will realize popcaan just they on a whole other level, yuh thing up poppy"

    "the hurtful thing about this is that he recently went down in mobay pleading fi ppl fi stop d killing then gon come out with a killing anthem. iv personally seen kids calling themselves killi and going on bad fi fight"
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2018
    waveSounds likes this.
  9. fianbarr
    That Popcaan is so bad, even the spellchecker gives up.

    My nomination for greatest song evah:
  10. xantus
    wow, that song WAS awesome.

    early videos are so silly. "ok guys this is a real hot number, so... sit there barely tapping your heels for over half the song, then we'll just cut to you up and dancing for a while... aaaand roll credits"
  11. DRuM
    Another contender. My first ever record I bought as a kid.

  12. serman005
    That was pretty spectacular, I must admit. lol
  13. bradysays
    Thanks guys for putting me on to some great music and awesome visuals :L3000: :ksc75smile:
  14. fianbarr
    @bradysays "What has been seen, cannot be unseen".
    bradysays likes this.

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