Is this online store legitimate? (
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Although it is possible to find an ADDIEM for this price, I do have to caution you.
I see two things wrong with the picture, one of them could just be repackaging, the other one is just plain wrong:
  1. They are definitely repackaged.  The Official Apple IEMs are do not have the headphone jack shown off like that in the case when packaged.  This could just be them doing it though.  The cables are also wound up in the opposite direction Apple does it (I've had 2 official ones; one refurbished direct from Apple; they are wound up counter clockwise...  The picture shows clockwise)
  2. The strain relief in this picture is white, the same white color as the plastic on the actual jack.  However, the real authentic jack has a rubber strain relief that is the same color as the cable.  Another note about the headphone jack is that the white plastic part also looks like it has a capsule shape on the end...  The actual jack is indeed cylindrical all the way through (it doesn't taper off/round off on the end leading to the strain relief).  The strain relief itself is also too long. 
Please refer to some pictures for reference.  I took these myself, but did do some artificial focusing (IE lens blur).  They are not minipulated in any other way.
Depicts the strain relief color is the same as the cables...  It's not white.​
It's harder to see, but the case doesn't show the headphone jack like the supplied picture does.​
The cable is wound up the opposite direction than the one shown in the picture...  Look carefully at the direction the cable is facing from from the headphone jack...  It's coming from the right side to the left.  Mine had it the opposite.​
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I have genuine ADDIEMs and the strain relief near the 3.5mm jack in the picture on bonanza is different than mine, too. I don't know if there are multiple models or what, and it could just be a stock picture on bonanza that doesn't reflect what you actually receive, so YMMV.

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