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Is there actually a decent portable amp for the HD650 (under $200)?

  1. oemerson
    Aune B1 would be a great choice
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  2. AbsolutZeroGI
    Okay, so the FiiO A5 came in today. I've got about 1 hour of listening time in. Thoughts so far:

    1. The HD650s sound entirely different with the amp. The clipping and distortion at higher volumes is gone. Feels like I'm listening to this headphone again for the first time.
    2. The actual sound hasn't changed at all. Everything is still the same, but now everything knows it's place. Volume up and down is far more predictable than it was before. Stuff that was getting left behind when I hiked up the volume now joins the rest of the music. It's nice.
    3. The A5 can make the HD650s go way higher than I'll ever need it.

    I may upgrade to a "better" one someday, but the FiiO A5 worked flawlessly. My V20 doesn't recognize it as a headphone, so it doesn't engage "high impedance mode" . I get to keep using the DAC on the V20 at least. Still gotta test it on the PC and 3DS, but it seems like this thing is a winner for this particular need.

    Thanks everyone for your help and bouncing ideas around for me :) Hopefully this helps some other HD650 owners who don't want to be chained to a desk all day. I guess anything up in the 750+mW at 32 ohm would do it eh?
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  3. buke9
    Glad to hear it works for you. It is definitely one of the more powerful portable amps out there. Also it is actually 800 mW into 32 and 150 mW into 300 ohms plenty of power for the 650's.
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  4. kombucha
    I only own the Schiit Fulla, but am quite happy with it. IT's 100. Have you tried it?
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  5. AbsolutZeroGI
    I'm just happy that it was enough. It's intimidating doing that Google Search and hearing a bunch of people say "lol nope, can't do it". They're wrong, and that makes me happy.

    I have not. It doesn't look very portable though :wink:
  6. serman005
    Glad it is working out for you! Good news.
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  7. Discman634
    Is it too late to try the Focal Listen headphones?
  8. buke9
    Had no doubt it would power them just haven't heard them thru it. The Mojo has all the power they can handle also just doesn't sound good to me. If your happy that is all that matters :L3000:
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  9. AbsolutZeroGI
    I'm afraid so. I'm not a huge fan of closed back or of leather ear cups also. I wear these for 8 hours a day at work lol, and I like being able to hear my environment.

    I didn't notice any coloration of sound. Everything just got louder. However, I did notice that high gain mode kind of blew out the midrange just a little bit. Keeping it on low gain seems to be working really well. Really smooth, even at louder volumes with no noticeable distortions. The mids are still a tad peaky but I assume that's a function of these really mid-heavy headphones. At reasonable volumes, I hear nothing wrong. I guess it's just a personal preference thing eh?
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  10. bixby
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  11. kombucha
    It's about the size of a pack of smokes and can get powered from your phone's USB. How "portable" are you looking to get?
  12. AbsolutZeroGI
    Well then it doesn't photograph very well lol

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