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Is there a graphic EQ unit I can put between my headphone amp (JDS O2 or Schiit Magni) and my cans?

  1. audioanon
    I ask this because I’m thinking I could somewhat correct those cans I have that are shall we say, “lackluster in some frequency or other”? Funny that my least expensive cans ($50), are the most articulate, accurate and neutral to me. Makes me wonder what the excuse is for my more expense cans.
    Anyway, I don’t use a computer as a music source much of the time, I prefer vinyl records and CDs hence the two headphone amps I have hooked into my two systems.
    I know how to use EQs and all, but there is the age old underlying problem, which is that most EQ units have always introduced noise or other unwanted anomalies. I do not want to incorporate an EQ unit into my system main circuit train either, just something for the headphones.
    Is there such a unit? I have had no luck in finding one. There is the Behringer FBQ800 or something, but I am afraid it comes close but no cigar. It has no headphone jack and therefore would not be installed into the spot I need in the chain.
    I have the feeling what I seek is non-existent.
  2. trellus
    It's not a "graphic EQ", but the Schiit Loki Mini is a high-quality, 4-band EQ that gets a lot of love on here -- and this a modern product and Schiit addresses the whole problem of crappy EQ that introduces noise and spoils the signal -- most people who review say they've done a good job of providing good, clean, analog EQ.

  3. MindsMirror
    You don't want to put an EQ between the amp and headphone. It should go between the DAC or pre-amp and the headphone amp. It should have RCA or XLR inputs and outputs.
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  4. trellus
    Right, it would go between his source and headphone amp -- whatever he's using to feed his headphone amp, presumably it's RCA since that's what O2 and Magni have available, would go into the Schiit Loki instead, and then the Loki would go into the O2 or Magni.

    I think he was saying "between headphone amp and cans" because he doesn't want it to affect anything else (maybe power amp to speaker setup, I guess?). But he can split the signal so that whatever is feeding his speakers doesn't go through Loki -- or he can take advantage of Loki's bypass switch that bypasses the tone control stage altogether, for when he's not using it to EQ headphones -- so he can leave the dials EQ'd for his headphones and still bypass it.
  5. Zenvota
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  6. audioanon
    Bingo! Yes, I am now looking at the Loki, it may be exactly what I need. I would just take advantage of the bypass instead of splitting the signal. I'd likely eventually need two of them as I have two systems. One is vintage based with early to mid seventies receivers as the engine. While I could plug any of my cans direct into my receivers in this system and have no trouble driving them, the jacks are showing their age and can be quite noisy. So I went ahead and just got a Schiit Magni for this system.
    My other system is a reference system in progress. I have one more piece to replace , which is the AVR with a nice 2-channel amp. The AVR can't even drive my AKG cans, so I got a JDS O2. (I like the sound of it slightly better than the Schiit, but it is not night and day).
    My sources are vinyl and CD mostly.

    Thanks for your help.
  7. audioanon
    Just out of curiosity, I was also looking at the BEHRINGER MINIFBQ FBQ800, which is far less than the Schiit. What I wonder about it though is:
    Anyone here with experienced use of this unit? Let me know what you like and don't like.
  8. jazzk
    I just picked up a Dbx 231 eq used on eBay for $80 that I put between my lks dac and Gustard H20. I know this is hi end blasphemy but it really improved the sound quality of all my cans. The Loki looked interesting but the dbx has xlr and 31 bands. I was concerned that sound quality would suffer from adding this to my very revealing dak and amp and my main cans senn 800’s. Very happy with results the unit is dead quiet and lets me add just enuff eq to make me happy with results. I’ve also had a Behenger digital eq in my big home audio set up and it also improved sound. For less $ u can get used eqs with more flexibility than the Loki but u have to give up shelf space for it. These units quality can be spotty but I really like the dbx and what it has done for my sound. Hope this small bit of info is helpful.
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